Not classified yet? No problem! Just follow the instructions below to get your classification for each event!


There are only 2 classification options for archery: W1/W2 and Open. W1/W2 are the classification options for any athlete who will use a wheelchair to compete. Open is the classification of all other archers.​


*We do ask that all athletes registering for this event have previous archery experience 


Start by downloading the Gateway to Gold app (see link below). Submit photos and videos via the app to get a "temporary" classification. You will also need to download and fill out the National Medical Diagnostic Form (download below) and submit it to Bryce Borman of the USOC at 

Track and Field

We are happy to announce that we will have a classification panel for track and field available at the Dairyland Games! With that said, any athlete needing classification at the Dairyland Games must submit their National Medical Diagnostic Form (found below) to Bryce Borman of the USOC at 

National Medical Diagnostic Form

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